2017 Annual General Meeting

Monday 11 December 7pm at Burgess Park Tennis Centre, SE5 7LA.  


All welcome.



Attendances to be recorded and proxy vote details given.

Minutes of Last AGM to be confirmed (see file below).

Vote 1: Adoption of Policy on Club Financial Reserves

Vote 2: Grant proposal for juniors

Vote 3: Membership and fees - suggested increase for Junior / Concession from £10 to £12 and for Families from £40 to £42.  This make it easier to introduce monthly and / or part year subscriptions in the future as well as just one off annual payments.

Summary of Year

Liz Dunning stepping down as a Trustee.

AOB and dates of next meetings


Draft Reserve Policy for the Charity - to be voted on at the 2017 AGM
Adobe Acrobat Document 160.1 KB

Voting Form (electronic voting will close 12 noon on Mon 11 Dec)         VOTING NOW CLOSED

Draft Minutes of 2016 AGM
Adobe Acrobat Document 358.1 KB

Approved Reserve Policy for Southwark City Tennis Club
Approved at the November 2016 AGM.
Adobe Acrobat Document 154.5 KB


Minutes of Committee Meeting
Draft minutes of meeting on Monday 7 March (to be approved at June meeting.
Adobe Acrobat Document 138.7 KB
Minutes of Committee Meeting
Draft minutes of meeting on Monday 18 January (to be approved at March meeting. Discussed tender, membership survey and new membership campaign as well as new branded products and 2016 schedule.
Adobe Acrobat Document 150.5 KB
2015 AGM Draft Minutes
Draft minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting along with voting summary and Secretary's Report for the year (for approval at 2016 AGM).
Adobe Acrobat Document 680.2 KB
Minutes from the 7 September 2015 Committee Meeting
Adobe Acrobat Document 135.4 KB
Minutes from the 11 May Committee Meeting
Adobe Acrobat Document 26.8 KB
Draft Minutes from the Annual General Meeting on 24 November 2014
All votes approved. Discussion of covered courts, junior coaching and 2015 budget.
With thanks to everyone that attended and took the time to vote, it is much appreciated.
Adobe Acrobat Document 361.4 KB
Southwark City Tennis Club
Proposed reserve policy approved at AGM on 24 Nov 2014.
Adobe Acrobat Document 98.5 KB
Hard copy of 2014 voting form
Adobe Acrobat Document 75.0 KB
Minutes of Committee Meeting
Meeting Nos 43 held on Mon 8 September.
Adobe Acrobat Document 260.9 KB
Minutes of Committee Meeting
Meeting Nos 42 held on Mon 20 May.
Adobe Acrobat Document 283.7 KB
Minutes of Committee Meeting
Meeting Nos 41 held on Mon 24 Feb.
Adobe Acrobat Document 90.1 KB
Minutes of 2012/3 AGM
Our AGM took place on Monday 25 November 2013 at 7pm at the Tigers Clubhouse, Chumleigh Gardens, Chumleigh Street SE5 0RJ.
Adobe Acrobat Document 424.3 KB
Minutes of 2011/2 AGM
Meeting held on 19 November 2012.
Adobe Acrobat Document 109.7 KB
With thanks for facilities and support
With thanks for facilities and support

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Raise money just by shopping!